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Manufacture and supplier Formic Acid 85 90 94 99


Modell: Sulfonic Acid


hot sale factory price formic acid 85% 
industry grade, feed grade, medicine grade 
accept third party test 
stable supply
hot sale factory price formic acid 85% 
Product Description   
 Formic acid 
High quality Formic Acid - Accept third party test 
Factory low price Formic Acid
Stable supply -Factory in Jinzhou,Hebei
Formic acid detials:
Formic acid detials:
Popular Name: Methanoic acid
Formula: HCOOH
CAS NO.: 64-18-6
UN No.: 1779
EINECS: 200-579-1
Dangerous Goods Class: 8
Classification: Carboxylic acid
Purity: 85% 94% min purity formic acid
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Product name Formic acid
Iterms Standard
Formic acid 85%min
Chloride (ascl) 0.005% max
Sulphate (asso42) 0.002% max
Iron (axfe3+) 0.0005%max
Color index (pb) 10 max
Evaporation residue 0.020% max
Density 1.2
Dilution (acid+water=1+3) Eligible
We have 85% and 94% purity Formic Acid.
Mainly application: 
In medical industry, it is used in making Amidopyrin, vitamin B and many other medcines. Formic Acid is used in producing methanamide, diethyl formamide, rubber age resister, dying, leather and so on. It is aslo an important material for pesticide such as Triazone. In other way Formic Acid is considerable used in green fodder storage.
1, the pharmaceutical industry: caffeine, dipyrone, aminopyrine vitamin B1, etc.;
2, the pesticide industry: triadimefon, triadimefon, paclobutrazol, insecticidal ether;
3, the chemical industry: dimethyl formamide, formamide, antioxidant, etc.;
4, the leather industry: leather tanning preparations;
5, printing and dyeing industry: the acidic dye;
6, the rubber industry: natural rubber flocculants;
7, the pickling of iron and steel industry: steel plate, steel and other steel products, etc.;
8, the paper industry: pulp preparation, etc.;
9, the food industry: food disinfection, preservation;
10, animal husbandry: ensilage preservation
Handling of light when light unloading, packaging and containers to prevent damage. Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment and emergency equipment leakage.

Stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heat. Storage temperature does not exceed 30 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 85%. Keep container closed. Should oxidants, bases, active metal powder stored separately and avoid mixing reservoir. Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment. Storage areas should be equipped with emergency spill handling equipment and suitable host material.
Packaging & Shipping  
25kg/35kg/250kg/IBC drums, ISO tank
within 2-14 days

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